About CUBE Design

We are a Graphic Design and Branding Consultancy

CUBE Design is a visual communications consultancy based in Pottery road, Dún Laoghaire.

We design unique visual brands to help small businesses with big ideas to grow and succeed.

In a busy and fleeting world, its hard to make your business visible. At CUBE Design we harness the power of the subconscious mind to build powerful brands. Beginning all our projects with a brand strategy workshop, we help businesses identify their values, offerings, communication needs, target audiences and behaviours. We then take that brand strategy information to form a scaffolding, around which we will design your visual brand, from your logo and colours, through to all your communication needs in print and digital, from business cards, banners, newsletters, brochures, annual reports, and websites.

The tools of a visual brand will not only show your business to be professional – making a good first impression in less than 3 seconds – but it also makes it easier for you to communicate effectively, demanding the attention and curiosity of your audience. By being consistent in your visual communications you hold the attention of your audience and build their trust. That trust leads to brand loyalty, helping your business to grow and succeed.

If you would like to see your big idea come to life, please call Barbara to arrange a coffee.

How We Solve Your Brand Challenges

The subconscious mind has the power to influence decisions in less than three seconds, which means that people have already made decisions in their subconscious mind before becoming aware of it, and allowing their conscious mind to put those thoughts and opinions into words.

Our vision is the strongest of our senses, and over 80% of what is seen visually is remembered. 93% of purchase decisions are based on your visual image, and colour adds extra information to our brain to help us remember.

Its these things that we can use to your advantage to attract the attention of your target audience, because once you attract attention, that triggers other events like feelings, and memory, which helps to make decisions. That’s where the power of a good brand or good graphic design succeeds, because you are then building trust with your audience, which leads to commitment and loyalty, and eventually to success and growth for your business. 

How We Work

CUBE Design, along with our trusted and experienced associates, offer you a holistic approach to building your brand. We are passionate about ensuring the quality of your brand, and that it communicates to your target audience. Some of those trusted professionals are marketing and SEO experts who help us to ensure you continue to get the best from your brand.

We have almost three decades of experience in the industry, and really like to get to know our clients business before we begin our design and marketing thinking. We do not believe in building a brand without first understanding the business we are designing for. We understand the power of the subconscious mind and its capacity to influence engagement, and we want to make it work for our clients. Our brand strategy workshop helps us to get the right framework in place to build an effective brand. 

We support you through;
• Brand development strategy
• Logo design and visual brand communications
• Leaflets and brochure design and print
• Book and magazine design and print
• Website and digital design
• Stationery design and print
• Signage design and production
• Marketing and digital marketing strategies

We always work with our clients to get the best outcomes for the business. You can read what our clients say here on our testimonials page, and see our work in our portfolio.

Our Values

We believe in creativity, openness, truth and honesty, fairness and respect. We enjoy working with clients who share our values. We always aim to deliver quality work, and believe in working alongside you, the client, so we are both happy with the end results. This does mean that we will be asking lots of questions at the start of the project, asking you proof read, and to check and sign off on the work as it goes along. If you ever don’t understand something, just ask us to explain more before you say yes. There is always a solution, and it is always a partnership between you, the client, and ourselves.

We also abide by the rules of conduct set down by the Institute of Designers in Ireland, of which we are a member.

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If you would like to see your big idea come to life, please call Barbara to arrange a coffee.