We Love Branding and Design

Here’s an interesting fact…A strong brand will bring you more business, more regularly. We can see evidence of this with our clients, particularly the ones we work with on a regular basis.

So what do we do…We work with our clients by first engaging in brand strategy workshops and research, and using the framework of the strategy to create an impactful and memorable visual expression of that brand, from the logo design, through to all communications of the brand in print and digital, for example, brochures, social media imagery and slideshows, websites and printed literature.

  • We are a Level C Certified Brand Specialist with the only professional certification program in brand, taught by global expert Marty Neumeier.
  • We are an accredited Thought Leader in Brand Design, awarded by the All Ireland Business All Stars Foundation.
  • We are strong on industry and sector knowledge, with over three decades of experience.
  • We are professionally qualified, fully compliant and insured.
  • We are a professional member of the Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI) and keep up to date with regular IDI training courses through Design Skillnets.
  • We are VERY client centric and trustworthy.

We offer a 15 minute brand consultation via a Zoom to talk about your brand. You can book your consultation here

We Solve Your Brand Challenges

A professionally designed brand helps you to trigger events like feelings and memory with your target audience. People make decisions about your business firstly in their subconscious minds, before it becomes a conscious thought. 

The natural hormones and chemicals in our bodies like Dopamine arouse curiosity, and drives us toward the need for success and happiness. Dopamine controls our emotions and can make us feel good. It then tells your brain this is good, and Oxytocin kicks in and promotes the love.

Because our vision is our strongest sense, you can begin to see why a strong and professional visual expression of your brand is so important in attracting your audience. When you have a strong and professional visual brand that supports what you feel, say and do, you are building rapport and trust with your audience, which leads to the love, commitment and loyalty, which then leads to the success and growth of your business.

We Love Our Clients

We believe in creativity, openness, truth and honesty, fairness, authenticity and respect. We enjoy working with clients who share our values. We always aim to deliver quality work, and believe in working alongside you, the client, so we are both happy with the end results. It is always a partnership between you, the client, and ourselves.

One of the main reasons why we are an accredited thought leader is because of the focus, care and attention we give to our clients. Our clients place their trust in us, and we value that trust very highly. After a rigorous interview process the All Ireland Business All Stars awarded us our accreditation because we are client focussed.

We abide by the rules of conduct set down by the Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI), of which we are a professional member. We are professionally trained, and fully insured.

The Value of Working With Us

  • Our brand success strategy workshop will give you a roadmap to success for your brand.
  • It is a longterm investment for longterm gains. 
  • The visual creation of your brand will be created by our lead designer, Barbara, who is a fully qualified professional designer with over 30 years of experience, and in working with us you will always have direct access to Barbara. 
  • We offer the services of an agency without the fees of an agency.
  • By working with us on your brand design, you will also have access to a trademark specialist.
  • We have a wide network of professionals and associates that we work with on a regular basis and offer access to these people when we work with you. 
  • We build your communications needs on brand to attract and retain your ideal audience.
  • We help you to build your brand consistently, which builds trust and loyalty with your audience.
  • We will provide you with a physical brand, and accompanying brand strategy that will generate a return on investment. This has been proven with our clients time and time again when they have told us that their turnover has increased, quite dramatically in some cases, as a direct result of their new brand. 
  • A strong brand will bring you more business more regularly.

How We Work

CUBE Design, along with our trusted and experienced associates, offer you a holistic approach to building your brand. We are passionate about ensuring the quality of your brand, and that it attracts and communicates to your target audience.

We support you through;

•  Brand development strategy View our Brand Strategy Workshops
•  Brand audits for existing brands where consistency is an issue View our Brand Audit Workshop
•  Logo design and visual brand communications View Portfolio
•  Logo design, branding and identity design View Portfolio
•  Leaflets and brochure design in print and digital
•  Book design and magazine design in print and digital
•  Website and digital design and development
•  Business card and stationery design and print
•  Signage design, production and installation
•  Social media image and carousel creation
•  Art Direction and commissioning of photoshoots and illustration work
•  Marketing and digital marketing strategies in collaboration with our trusted associates

You can read what our clients say here on our testimonials page, and see our work in our portfolio.

Would you like to talk first?

We offer a 15 minute brand consultation via a Zoom call to growing and changing businesses, businesses who have difficulty communicating to the right audience, and businesses who struggle with consistency in their brand.

Avail of a 15 Minute Brand Consultation Here

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