Our Associates

Sometimes our projects require additional knowledge that is best supplied by our trusted and experienced associates. CUBE Design believes in gathering the best experience together around those projects, a team that will deliver a quality product to our clients, and one that is a one-stop in terms of account handling, but deep in experience and specialist knowledge.

At all times be assured that Barbara will oversee and develop your brand to its full potential, working through from the analytical side of branding to the more powerful, emotional side of branding, supporting you with the visual touchpoints, that help you to get those leads.

We work very closely with photographers, illustrators, web developers, copywriters and printers, marketing professionals, search engine optimisation (SEO) and adwords experts, helping you to sell online and offline.

Our Trademark Specialist

We also have a close working relationship with our trademark specialist. At the early stages of brand development, naming your business is an important aspect to get right, and being able to trademark will give you an advantage. Our trademark specialist will carry out initial searches on names and logos to ensure that we do not make any costly mistakes. This association allows us to trademark our brand designs for you from within Ireland only to worldwide.

Would you like to talk?

We offer a 15 minute brand consultation via a Zoom call to growing and changing businesses, businesses who have difficulty communicating to the right audience, and businesses who struggle with consistency in their brand.

Avail of a 15 Minute Brand Consultation Here