Your Brand Strategy Workshops

With brand projects we take on, we begin with brand strategy workshops.

At CUBE Design we would say branding is about creating a feeling with the right target audience, to build a relationship of trust and loyalty. Marketing is a physical expression of your brand to drive engagement and transactions. We believe that you can’t market something if you don’t understand the brand first.

So we begin all of our projects with brand strategy workshops. We offer different levels of workshops to suit your needs, based on an initial conversation with you about your brand needs.

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Our Brand Strategy Workshops

We have two types of brand strategy workshop.

The first option is a three hour workshop which can take place either online, or in person at our studio. This is our Brand Discovery Workshop and you will find details and booking options on this link.

The second option is a more in-depth workshop which is actually two workshops. We like to book these two workshops close together so that everything from the first workshop is still fresh in mind. These workshops can take place either online, or in person at our studio. This is what we call our Brand Success Workshops. Further details and booking can be found on this link. Book session one first, and then you will see a link to book session two from there.

All booking fees are taken through PayPal. Please see the booking links for further information and details on our cancellation policies.

We look forward to workshopping with you to make your Brand a success.