Your Brand Assessment Workshop

With every project we take on, we begin with a Brand Assessment. A Brand Assessment is a 3 hour consultation and workshop in our studio, which helps us to understand your business so that we can design better and more powerful brands for you. It also gives you the client a different way of thinking about your business, and helps you to get into a promotional frame of mind, understanding your ‘why’ and your values, and who you your audience is. Feedback we have received about our Brand Assessment Workshop is that it really helps the client to focus.

During this consultation we will be asking you questions about your target markets, your aims and desires for the business, your values and other such questions about your business. These questions are geared towards helping you to think in a different way about your business and helps to gather the right information to enable you in the promotion of your business.

You don’t need to prepare anything in advance, other than knowing as much as you can about your target market, where the business is now, and the directions you want to take with the business. A SWOT Analysis in advance might be useful to you but not necessary.

Following on from the initial meeting, we will follow up with a brand assessment report, and a quotation for the work that we think you need to effectively promote your business and build your powerful brand.

If you would like a Brand Assessment for your business, please get in touch with CUBE Design on hello@cubedesign.ie or phone us on +353 1 524 0446

During previous brand assessments we have done with clients, they have often said things like ‘can you please record that because I’ve never said that before’, or ‘I’ve never thought about that before, you’ve given me some good ideas’.


A Testimonial for our Brand Assessment

‘When your start building a new business it can be overwhelming and difficult to focus on the important things that will make an impact. Working with Barbara and Aisling helped me work through my marketing goals for 2017 with key objectives that are realistic and achievable’.
Naomi Fitzgibbon, Business Owner of Vintage Finds You


The cost of the brand assessment begins at €960 plus VAT and will be carried out by Barbara of CUBE Design at our studio in Mounttown, Dún Laoghaire. Your invoice will be issued before the assessment takes place and must be paid in advance, or the assessment cannot happen.

Further Workshop Sessions

During the assessment we may suggest follow up workshops if we feel you need a better understanding of certain areas to promote your business, or you may feel you could do with extra help in a certain area. For example you may need help naming your business, or you may want to understand your target market more clearly, or gather some copy around your brand that you can use to help you promote the brand. We can facilitate workshops to help you in all aspects of building a brand.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our assessments, please pop an Email to us on hello@cubedesign.ie or phone us on +353 1 524 0446