Bespoke Brand Strategy Workshops

At CUBE Design we would say branding is about creating a good feeling with the right target audience, to build a relationship of trust and loyalty. First impressions are so important…and here is an interesting fact…the subconscious mind of your ideal customer is forming opinions about what they see in relation to your business before they are even aware of those opinions. Our vision is our strongest sense, and 97% of purchase decisions are based on the visual perception of the product or service. If you don’t look professional and make the right impression, people will not trust you and walk away. It’s up to you to make a great first impression. We design that good feeling brand by appealing to the emotions of the unconscious mind, where all our feelings and emotions live.

With all brand projects we take on, we begin with brand strategy workshops. We work with either new brands such as funded start ups, or rebranding projects with businesses who might be changing their focus or direction, or struggling to figure out how to get their messaging right. Typically the latter is a couple years into the business, and our Bespoke Brand Audit service is a good place to start. 

Barbara is a certified brand strategist, having trained on numerous occasions with the global leader in brand design, Marty Neumeier. With this expertise and knowledge it is no surprise that CUBE Design is a strong believer in putting your brand first. Branding is the understanding that you need to build relationships and trust with your ideal customers. By thoroughly understanding your brand, you can then market your business effectively. Once we develop your brand through brand strategy and brand visualisation, we can continue to work with you and introduce you to our marketing associates and PR consultants who will help you promote your brand. 

We begin all of our projects with brand strategy workshops. We offer different levels of workshops to suit your needs. Book an initial conversation with Barbara here and she can figure out your needs and advise you of the best direction to take. 

If you would like to get a head start, have a look at these books that we would highly recommend. All are quick reads, but packed with such valuable information. Needless to say they are all written by Marty Neumeier 🙂

Our Brand Strategy Workshops

We have two types of brand strategy workshop, and both of these can take place online through Zoom and Miro, or face to face in our studio as soon as Covid restrictions allow us to. For businesses looking for consistency of their existing brand, we offer a Brand Audit Service.

Our Brand Starter Workshop is a three hour workshop exploring your brand values, target audience and competitor analysis. You will find further details and booking options on this link.

Our second workshop is our Brand Success Workshops. This is two separate sessions which can be done online or in the studio, or a combination of both. We go more in-depth into the brand, discovering more about how to tell your brand story, and your tone of voice. This workshop will also give you a brand strategy report and a professionally written piece of promotional copy. Further details and booking can be found on this link. Book session one first, and then you will see a link to book session two from there.

Our Bespoke Brand Audit service begins with a strategy session which forms a framework onto which we compare your current touchpoints and communications against where you want your brand to go. We will then compile a brand guideline document that gives you consistency of colours in print and digital, typography, styling of the brand and image use. Further details and booking can be found on this link.

All booking fees are taken through PayPal. Please see the booking links for further information and details on our cancellation policies.

We look forward to workshopping with you to make your Brand a success.

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