Your Brand Strategy Workshop

With every project we take on, we begin with a Brand strategy workshop. The purpose of these workshops is to help us to understand your business from the brand perspective, so that we can design better and more powerful brands for you, focussing on the best approach to build your brand and engage with your audience. It helps you to get into a promotional frame of mind, understanding your goals, your values, your intentions for the business, your interactions with your target audience, and who your audience is, what do they need and want. Feedback we have received about our brand strategy workshop has been very powerful, helping clients to focus, and bring clarity to the next steps in building their brands.

A Testimonial for our Brand Strategy Workshops

‘When your start building a new business it can be overwhelming and difficult to focus on the important things that will make an impact. Working with Barbara and Aisling helped me work through my marketing goals for 2017 with key objectives that are realistic and achievable’.
Naomi Fitzgibbon, Business Owner of Vintage Finds You

Further Workshop Sessions

During the brand strategy workshop we may suggest follow up workshops if either you, or we, feel it would help your business. For example you may need additional help naming your business, or we can involve our marketing associates to help you build a marketing plan to get the most effective use from your brand. We can engage with copywriters to help you build content around your brand. We can facilitate workshops to help you in all aspects of building a brand.

Any Questions?

If you would like a brand strategy workshop for your business, and get clarity on your brand promotion, please get in touch with CUBE Design on or phone us on +353 1 524 0446