You often hear it said, how colour says different things, represents different values…and its all true. Subconsciously we are associating colours with different values, and in different geographic locations, these values can change. For example in the west we generally marry in white which reflects purity and innocence, wheras in the east, they associate white with funerals and mourning, and marry in red because its considered to bring luck and fertility.

Some blues are seen as reliable and strong, and subsequently is a colour used by many corporates. Orange is energetic with vitality, certain hues of yellow are perceived as a happy colour while others are cowardly or historical. Deep purple is seen as luxurious and wealthy. Some of these perceptions go back to the days when artists mixed paint, and deep purple was difficult to get and therefore very expensive. Purple is also seen as a spiritual and creative colour, and Amythest, a purple stone is known to help creativity.

How do you ensure the colour is always the same?

As designers, we use a colour system called Pantone Matching System (PMS), which was developed by The Pantone Colour Institute. This colour system provides designers, from fashion and product through to home, graphic and brand designers, with breakdowns of colours that allow us designers to maintain consistency of colours across all platforms and substrates. As colour is Pantone’s business, they do quite a bit of research into why colour is so important. Some of the facts that Pantone have found are;

1.  Colour increases brand recognition by 87%

2.  Colour adds extra information for our brains, and aids recognition

3.  Colour first thing to recognise and last thing to remember

So if you think about all this subconscious activity, and the facts related to colour, think about how important colour is to your brand, and how it can effect the impression of your business.

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