To build a brand, you need to know two things;

1.  What are the core and extended values of your business

2.  What are the benefits to your customers or clients.

Your core values will be your quality, uniqueness, your differentiator, what is good about you, why are you doing this, and how do you relate that to your audience. Your extended values are the things that people see and hear about you, how you look, what you say, how you say it, your personality, how others feel about you, your history, and your credibility…think of it as your arms outstretched, reaching out, and ask who is touching your hand.

Your benefits to the customer could be functional benefits, for example, a laptop might need a certain size hard drive to do what you need it to do. But the benefits with more ‘pull’ are the emotional benefits. Emotional benefits are based on how you want your client to FEEL. Lets not forget, branding is emotional, and at heart we are all monkeys. Those basic instincts are still within us all, and its the quickest easiest way to your customers heart.

In building your business, you will have thought deeply about your core values, your idea, how you are going to sell it, why are you doing this, what is its uniqueness, and who is going to buy it. Your next step is to somehow get that out there, through your extended values. That is where good graphic designers and marketing people can help you. We can help you to build a strategy for getting your business out there in the correct way for you to gain the customers that you want, helping you to find where your customers are hanging out, and getting you to them.

The Visual Expression

In visually expressing your business as part of your extended value, the difference in employing a professional graphic designer is noticeably huge. You can spot those DIY identities a mile off, they don’t have the professional edge and will never become a brand because people won’t trust it. Subconsciously people will always feel there is a professionalism lacking, and therefore this brand may not be trustworthy. DIY Brands are the sketch on the back of a napkin. You want to show your quality and professionalism to your target audience. You have something they want, you want to come onto their radar and grab their attention, and in today’s busy marketplace, you have got about seven, or sometimes five seconds, to make a good first impression…to visually hook them in, and that doesn’t happen on napkins!

Some Interesting Facts…

1.  Over 50% of what a potential customer takes into their head space is based on the visuals they see

2.  97% of purchase decisions are based on visual perception

This is where you need to get noticed, and remember you have only a few seconds. A good designer can help you to take your core values and benefits, and visually express them through the use of colours, fonts, and imagery, therefore building your visual brand. You want to take your customers on a journey, into your space, you want them to feel loved, respected, nurture them, and make them a part of your tribe, your brand.

Be Consistent

Once you get them there, look after them, and don’t get lazy about your brand. Maintain that brand by never forgetting your core values, and constantly checking if your extended values are still in line with those core beliefs, ensuring the benefits, especially the emotional ones are still visible, and make the changes where you need to. Another thing to always remember is that your brand must also come from the inside…your staff, if you are lucky to be able to employ them, must believe in your brand as much as you do, or they will never reflect it to your customers. Think about what a rude waiter does to your restaurant’s brand.

Would you like to take the first step in gathering the values and benefits of your brand? Then book yourself in for a Brand Assessment with Barbara, or read more about what a Brand Assessment is here.