What is a Brand?

And where do you start. Its a journey that businesses know they should take, but some don’t really know how. It is important to begin that journey by saying that your brand is NOT your logo, and its NOT your service or product, its all of those things, PLUS, everything that you say and do, its every image you put out there, and its what you do with it.

A brand is a visual language which reflects every aspect of your business, your core activities and beliefs, everything about your business or product, and delivers the emotional needs of your customer to your customer. It is a tool to help the design, marketing and communications of your business or product, and can help you to be coherent and consistent. This eventually leads to brand recognition, and your brand becomes the solution or the need.

It is a noisy environment out there, and you need to rise above the noise. The customers are too busy with no thinking time, and mostly, products and services have similar offerings. At the end of the day your customer or client will base their choice on TRUST.

One last interesting fact…93% of purchase decisions are based on visual perceptions.