When you meet someone for the first time, you look at their face, is it a face that attracts your attention? Is it a smiling face? How they are dressed, and as incorrect as it may be, good or bad, you make an assumption about that person. The decision you have just made has been made in your subconscious mind without you realising it. Its then taken five seconds to come into your conscious thought and you express what has already been triggered in your subconscious mind. So how does all this create a brand? Let’s start with visualising your brand. If you can think of your brand as a person, it makes it easier to define. After all a brand is a personality.

The face you were drawn to…think of your logo as the smile on that face, the face that is unique, individual, and says something about that person. How the person is dressed is how your brand looks visually. How that person interacts and mingles is how your brand interacts and mingles with your potential audience. Who does that person reach out to and touch, that is the target market. And at the centre of it all is that person’s heart. Branding is hugely emotional, and without the power of an emotion, you are going to struggle to make yourself heard.

Why is Emotion so Powerful for a Brand?

Its a known fact that pleasure will draw people in, and pain leads to avoidance. We need to grab attention, and to do that we must do something that our audience will be familiar with, something from their world, that they understand, and something that is pleasurable to them or fulfilling a need they have in a positive way. Research has shown that attention triggers other mental activities, like thinking, feeling and remembering (and don’t forget the activity of the subconscious mind here). The first step is to direct the audience’s attention to your brand.

When we get that attention, we hope to trigger an emotional response from our audience, hoping to touch a memory or need, that will bring a positive response. For example, if you run a bakery, you may want to appeal to the nostalgia and fond memories of the freshly baked bread your mum used to make.

Make it Simple

Research has also shown that we need to make the attention we are demanding, easy for the customer, so that it enters their subconscious mind. Remember that that is where the decisions have already been made. There may be occasions when you deliberately want your audience to ’stop and think’ about something, but generally, if you make it easy for them, it enters their subconscious, and they are making associations without even realising it. As they say, you have less than 5 seconds to make a good first impression, and while the subconscious mind is making decisions about your brand before its even realised, demand that attention, and make sure you create strong and positive experiences. This in turn will influence purchasing behaviour and create brand loyalty. Positive good experiences get talked about, and you get recommended.

One Last Piece of Advice

Your brand must always be visually appealing, look professional, and be expressing what your brand says it is. Be honest, and open because if your brand does not have this, your audience will lose trust in you, begin not to doubt you, and they will move away.

An Emotional Example

See how we used the power of emotion to design a brand for
the Dalkey Podiatry Clinic.

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Your Brand and the Brain

Let’s get it Right

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During these strategy sessions you may have a business with no name, or be looking to rename your business. Sometimes with a bit of brainstorming during and after the sessions a name and tagline might become very obvious, but, if you are still struggling we can facilitate further workshops to help you in naming your business and defining a tagline.

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