What Not To Do

A Case Study

What Not To Do is a fresh, fun look at failure and source of life hacks. The platform is where trusted experts share what not to do replacing the ‘do as I say’ approach with the more honest ‘don’t do as I did’ one. It is about embracing the negative and illustrating other pathways to success. What Not To Do is where the curious go to learn from other people’s life lessons.

Designed for the audience of snowflakes and millenials, who use Google for advice, and don’t take advice without Google’s backup. Other audiences are small businesses and contrbuters, who will write the articles and engage in the podcasts that will populate What Not To Do.

The design challenge was to bridge the gap between the audiences types. We began this project with brand strategy workshops.

The Brand Strategy

What Not To Do helps its curious and expert seeking audience to feel equipped with valuable knowledge, giving them an edge on their peers and knowledge to debate. 

What Not To Do is informative, modern, expressive and straight forward in its language. It will;

1.         Embrace the Negative

2.         Be fun

3.         Be honest

The brand is communicated through a website, podcasts, social media and merchandise, and will become of global interest. It is based on experts from a variety of professions contributing articles and podcasts to share their failures, offering advice on what not to do. In return they get credibility and promotion of their services. The subject areas are vast, from bee keeping, to DIY, to business issues. 

The Brand Design

The logo was designed deliberately off balance to reflect the failures. The ‘a’ and the ‘e’ were worked into the negative space to illustrate how the information was very much ‘wanted’ by its audience, but they would not admit that publicly. The design also takes the hashtag, #WNTD, into account by the four letters being dominant in the logo, with the ‘a’ and ‘e’ remaining subtle. It was designed for flexibility across all placements, including at the top of the website which is a thin horizontal space, hence the linear and stacked arrangements of the logo. But the stacked logo is the preferred lock up.

As the expert’s articles would be varied, so too would the imagery. The colours chosen were close to CMYK to be visually coherent with the range of imagery and illustrations that populate the website. They also reproduce faithfully across print, merchandise and digital platforms. It is fun, bright and playful, borrowing from the style of pop art and punk, radical in their day. The visual expression of the brand also plays on the idea of traditional media being modernised through What Not To Do, using textures of old printed newspapers, old maps and radios, the sources where people used to go to et their information.

The Launch

What Not To Do was due to launch on 13th October –  national failure day in Finland – but guess what…we failed…and launched two weeks late 🙂

The Feedback

What Not To Do has already gained excellent feedback and our contributors love engaging with the platform. After we launched the website the immediate response was beyond our expectations. There has been huge interest in the site as we can see from our Google Analytics. We have had many of our readers coming back to us saying how much they enjoyed the articles, and they want more, more failures, more ‘gorey’ details. The feedback from our contributors has also been hugely positive, many saying how much they are enjoying being part of our platform and enjoying writing the articles. Our contributors are busy sharing their articles, which are all so interesting, filled with their expert advice.

Watch this space…we have plans on expanding the brand and to give our contributors as much coverage as we possibly can.

View the project in our portfolio here

Visit What Not To Do and read our excellent and knowledge packed contributor’s articles.