Business Growth Builder for 2023

As we round off 2022, our thoughts are turning to just finishing up the year and taking a break…

BUT…before you do that, do something positive to begin 2023 in your business…

Join me for your Business Growth Builder in January

Have you got ideas about where you will focus your energies to build your business growth in 2023?

I’m sure you do…
and I can help you to focus those ideas and get clarity, to build your business growth and brand equity…BUT let’s park that until January. 

Book now and then park your thoughts until January

I am offering a very limited number of workshops to ambitious entrepreneurs of small to medium businesses.

If your goal for 2023 is to grow your business, but you may unclear in the direction you’d like to take. Or perhaps, you find that you are not making the right connections to the right people. Or it could be that your teams are not aligned, your employees are not engaged, and your business culture needs a boost. The Business Growth Builder is for you.

Dates available for January 

COST: €795.00 excluding VAT payable at 23%


How Does it Work?

Sign up for this one on one brand coaching with me and collaboratively we will complete a 3 hour workshop. During your workshop we will explore your business offering now and map it against where you want to go to. We will explore; 

  • Who is your audience and what is their perception of you
  • Where are you in the business culture stakes
  • Where do you sit in the marketplace
  • Where is your potential for growth?
  • Where could you find space to stand out and win?

What Do You Get?

  • A one on one 3 hour workshop online with me directly
  • My expertise and designed process to help you make decisions for your business
  • A 30 minute follow up call a week after you complete the workshop, to help you with your progress
Dates available for December and January

How to Book and Pay?

You will be redirected to Calendly to book your seat, and when completed, you will be redirected to Stripe to make the payment.

When your payment and booking is complete I will stay in touch with you through the email address you provide. If you have any problems please email me directly on

COST: €795.00 excluding VAT payable at 23%

If you are not automatically directed to Stripe after booking your seat in Calendly you can click this link to make your payment.