Our Recommended Brand Books!

Over the 30 plus years that I have been a designer, I have read many many books on everything from general graphic design, typography, and colour, to brand strategy, journey mapping and branding.

Sometimes branding is a difficult concept for my clients to understand, mainly because it is intangible, and something that is not really appreciated until you have been through the process and worked with us. To help my clients gain a better understanding of what a brand is, these three books would be a very easy read, and a good way to explain why creating a strong, professionally designed brand, is so important to their business. To order the books on Amazon follow the links.

Happy reading!!

The Brand Gap By Marty Neumeier

The Brand Gap was the first book that really made an impact with how I create brands. It is very clearly written and will give you a better understanding of why branding is so important. You will have it read in a day or two.

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Zag By Marty Neumeier

The follow on from The Brand Gap, Marty asks the question, what makes you different. When everyone else is zigging, you need to Zag!! Again very clear and simple, and easy to read.

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The Brand Flip By Marty Neumeier

The the follow on from Zag, Marty has written The Brand Flip. In this book Marty talks about how to flip your brand from offering products to offering meaning, from value protection to value creation, from cost-based pricing to relationship pricing. It is again an easy read with tonnes of great tips and advice.

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