Supporting You

To build an effective brand, and to help your customers and clients to understand your offering, it is very important to maintain consistency in your brand, and to be understood by your target market. Branding gives you the structure that makes it easier to communicate.

We never want to hand over the work and just say ‘off you go now’. We want to see your brand being used to its full potential. Often when you have your brand, you may ‘forget’ how you are using it and form bad habits, or start to employ different people to take on different jobs, that is where your brand become diluted and inconsistent, and you damage your brand.

This is where we can help you further…

With some of our clients we have regular monthly contracts, where we create printed and digital support literature, create adverts, brochures and leaflets, update websites, send mailchimp campaigns, help with marketing plans. One of our clients is who have reported an increase in qualified leads and much improved brand recognition since we took them on. On a monthly basis we update the website, keeping product lines up to date, and send newsletter campaigns. also ask us to create advertising for them or produce the occasional leaflet.

Other clients who produce literature less frequently, but for whom we have created the brand, come back to us when they need a leaflet produced or perhaps a newsletter campaign or exhibition work and signage. We help these clients to maintain the consistency of the brand.

We also help clients who may already have an existing logo but have hit a wall and realise that their brand as it exists is holding them back. We work with these clients to redevelop the brand, but not alienate their existing recognition or client base. It may be a case of keeping the current logo, or tweaking the current logo and then extending the brand, creating clearer touchpoints that reflect their brand values and goals of the business. You can see an example of such a project here that we created with FDT Engineering.

To help you understand more about branding have a look at our Brand Matters for some useful articles.