Our Associates

All design work, branding and artworks are created by Barbara of CUBE Design, but some projects require additional knowledge that is best supplied by our trusted and experienced associates, offering you a holistic approach to building your brand. Our partners are as passionate as we are about ensuring the quality of your brand, and we only work with the best.

At all times be assured that Barbara will oversee and develop your brand to its full potential, working through from the analytical side of branding to the more powerful, emotional side of branding, supporting you with the visual touchpoints, that help you to get those leads.

We work very closely with developers and printers, marketing professionals, copywriters, search engine optimisation (SEO) experts, adwords experts, and trademark specialists, helping you to sell online and offline.

To view an example of a project where we work on a monthly basis to maintain and market the brand, please have a look at Houseware.ie. This project began with the rebranding of an existing image that simply was unsuitable for the target market. We began with the logo, and developed the brand out into the various touchpoints, and in particular the website. This site was designed according to how Houseware sell their products, and we continue to support them through creating and managing newsletter campaigns, updating product information, creating adverts, and upkeep of SEO and site security. Houseware have reported an increase in qualified leads after engaging us to care for their brand.