How Do You Build Trust in Your Brand?

The more research you have done on your target markets the better the position you will be in to build your brand.  BUT its not all about research…because we all have two heads…our left brain, which is analytical, rational, logical and verbal, and our right head, which is intuitive, visual, emotional and tactile. The trick is to appeal to both heads. The rational and logical head will be the one that will construct the sentence from all of the babbling of the creative and intuitive head. The analytical head will be discovered through the traditional market research methods of surveys and focus groups, while the visual and intuitive head is influenced by the unconscious activity such as body language and facial expressions.

But here is the thing…in studies in Germany in 2008 they discovered that over 50% of what we take in is based on the visual and unconscious thought. Going back to our basic instincts, we value our feelings and emotions. A brand that appeals to that will be valued more, therefore giving far more importance to the right side of the brain.

For example Coke use the idea of sharing, or giving, which are all basic instincts in us. But somewhere before Coke began its journey, it was not known and was introduced to our rational and logical head. Over time, and by the consistent and coherent use of their brand imagery, they have built those values to be associated with its product. They have built the hook which triggers the basic instincts in its consumers, and have become one of the largest brands in the world.

Branding is Emotional

We value things that trigger nostalgia, emotions and feelings within us. We are all animals, two headed ones, where the basic instincts hold more value. The easy route to your customer or client is to make your brand a learned behaviour, where the customer automatically chooses your service or product, through consistent brand architecture. The brand becomes the visual shortcut, to evoke an emotional response from your target audience, and help them love you more.

So start your brand journey by asking what do you want your customers to feel. Let us help you by completing a brand assessment with you.