Our Services

Are you a business that is struggling with how to communicate what you do to your ideal customer? 
Or are you a start up or new business struggling to look professional? 

If you answered yes, it would be a good time to talk to us at CUBE Design. We work with growing and changing businesses in the SME sector on new and existing brands.  

We work with our clients by first engaging in brand strategy workshops and research, and using the framework of the strategy to create an impactful and memorable visual expression of that brand, from the logo design, through to all communications of the brand in print and digital.

We believe good a strong professional brand design is vital for any business to show their expertise and to build trust with their audience.

We offer the following services to our clients;

  • Brand Strategy Workshops – We begin every project with strategy. We believe it is essential to understand the business and its goals and audiences to design stronger and more impactful brands. Please visit this link to see more details on our workshops.
  • Logo and Brand Design – We work with small to medium businesses who are typically Growing, changing their focus, expanding to new locations, funded start ups, and businesses who are struggling with consistency in their existing brand. Please visit our portfolio here
  • Rebranding and Brand Audit Services – If you are a business that is pivoting, expanding or changing focus, it may be a good time to look at your brand and how it is performing within your target audience groups. Brand consistency is a key to help your audience associate the visual expression of your brand with your messaging on a subconscious level. We can help you to be clear in your messaging and confident in your communications. If a Brand Audit resonates with you lets have a conversation about your plans
  • Brand Publicity – CUBE Design works with PR consultants, bringing them in on projects sometimes as early as the brand strategy stage. Our trusted PR Consultants have many years experience with strong connections to local and national media. We can also support your PR Campaigns with social media imagery and any other supports needed to get the attention of your target audience with your message and brand. 
  • Design for Print – We design and print manage all of your printed communications, from brochures, annual reports, and leaflets, through to menus, signage and exhibition stands. We are your connection to professional trade print services, ensuring you get exactly what you want.
  • Digital Design – We design any digital supports you need to communicate to your clients, such as social media posts, digital sales brochures, through to google slide templates, and we always ensure that you focus on your brand. Our experience will ensure that these are easy to read and follow, so that your readers get to your message without having to struggle with unnecessary barriers.
  • UX and UI Design – We work with you through strategy, and research to determine the best route for your website or app design. We then implement our findings in designing your app or website from sketch wireframes through to finished designs.
  • Website Design – We design WordPress websites that are on brand in how they look (colours, imagery and fonts) and through user experience and structure, which is determined through our brand strategy process and research. We work with our trusted WordPress developers to ensure you get the latest and best code and technology available. 

We are a Certified Brand Strategist with the professional certification program brand taught by Marty Neumeier. We are also an accredited thought leader in brand design with the Business All Stars Foundation. We were awarded this status because of our client centric approach and the trust our clients have in us. Would you like to read what our clients say about us? Please visit this link to our testimonials.

We Love to Collaborate

Over the years we have listened to our clients, and have created collaborations to fully service their needs. These are of course complementary to our normal brand  and design services. To deliver these collaborations we work with trusted associates with whom we have built up good working relationships with over the years. 

Our Trademark Specialist

By working with us you will have access to our specialist trademark lawyer, with whom we have a close working relationship. At the early stages of brand development, naming your business is an important aspect to get right, and being able to trademark will give you an advantage. Our trademark specialist will carry out initial searches on names and logos to ensure that we do not make any costly mistakes. When we have completed your brand design, our trademark specialist will work with you to apply for a trademark, from Ireland only to worldwide, and can also put a watch on it to protect you going forward. This is particularly valuable to our clients with new And innovative ideas or products. 

Would you like to talk?

If you have a burning question where a quick consultation with us would help you to solve your problem, you can book a consultation with us here

If you are unsure of your next steps, avail of a conversation with Barbara which you can book here.

We look forward to meeting you.