Strategic Brand Design Workshops


As the founder of CUBE Design, I make your ideas matter – by enabling ambitious entrepreneurs and challengers to the market, people like you, to gain clarity and direction, create authentic and meaningful purpose, strengthen your leadership, and communicate effectively to add value and build trust with your ideal audience.

To work with us the best place to start is with a conversation. book a complimentary discovery call here and we can discuss your business goals and ambitions. We will then advise you of the best way to achieve that.


Are you a business leader who is unsure of where your current brand sits, or how is it coming across to your audience? Take advantage of our discovery workshop, where we begin with some initial exploration with you, and follow up with our research findings, and provide you with full results and our insights of those findings, which will allow you to see some direction and know the next steps you need to take.

DISCOVERY WORKSHOP : : Brand Audit Discovery - 2 hours
PRESENTATION OF RESEARCH : : Brand Audit Research and Directions - 2 hours

Workshop OPTIONS

Our workshops support ambitious entrepreneurs and challengers to the marketplace who struggle to define their purpose, or to tie various threads of their business together in a way that connects to their audience in a meaningful way. You may be changing focus, changing audience, losing market share or pursuing business growth, taking over the family business or find yourself competing on price and not on your value. These are the businesses who benefit from our strategic approach to positioning, repositioning or rebranding their business.

TAILORED WORKSHOPS : : After a discovery session we will tailor a series of workshops which are specific to the needs and goals of your business. Workshops might typically include;
: : Defining Your Brand Values and Differentiation
: : Defining your Brand Culture and Customer Journey
: : Working with Brand Archetypes and messaging
: : Target Audience Profiling and Competitor Analysis
: : Defining Your Mission Vision and Purpose

BRAND ARCHITECTURE : : This involves going more in depth into the business, defining core competencies, and mapping your business model and your brand together to figure out where you can play and win.

BRAND STRATEGY MANIFESTO : : On completion of your workshops we will create your brand strategy manifesto, which includes our insights and your brand framework. We also offer a 3 month check in, and a 6 month check in. This process is flexible and agile, and we do offer payment plans to our clients.

CUBEd WORKSHOPS : : If you are not ready to take on a full brand development, we can help you in specific areas of developing your brand through our mini CUBEd workshops. An example might be a workshop that helps you hone in on your ideal audience, or one that helps you define your brand values, or business culture. You can then work with this, and come back to us for more workshops when you are ready. Book a call with us here and find out more.

BRAND VISUALISATION : : We can create your logo design, and the visual look and feel of your brand. We design the communication pieces you need to support your customer’s journey with you. All of the design work we undertake is based on your brand strategy work, so that the right perception of your business is communicated to your audience in every aspect of the business – everything you do and say is reflected in how you look, and how you are perceived.

Name Your Brand

Naming your business is an important brand decision, and not something that should be done on a whim. It must be easy to say and recall, and it must be born from your brand strategy and story. After completing our brand strategy workshops, this workshop will focus solely on naming or renaming your business. We will work with you to create a name that helps to tell your brand story and is easily recalled by your customer. We then work with our trademark lawyer to ensure you have a name that can be trademarked.Typically our process looks like this;
: : Defining parametres and brainstorming
: : Following research and our process we land on some final choices of names
: : We work with our trademark lawyer to complete legal searches and ensure you can own and trademark your name


By working with us you will have access to our specialist trademark lawyer, with whom we have a close working relationship. At the early stages of brand development is a good time to begin talking about trademarking your brand as it will not only protect you, but will give you an advantage. Our trademark specialist will carry out initial searches on names and logos to ensure that we do not make any costly mistakes. When we have completed your brand design, our trademark specialist will work with you to apply for a trademark, from Ireland only to worldwide, and can also put a watch on it to protect you going forward. This is particularly valuable to our clients with new and innovative ideas or products.


The human brain is a complex organ, and within our subconscious mind lies our feelings and emotions. In the subconscious mind we are constantly evaluating what we see, hear, read, feel and experience all around us. These are not conscious thoughts at this point, but within nano seconds, these feelings, emotions and gut reactions move up into our conscious minds and become our immediate beliefs. We learn through the prism of our vision, and this has the most influence on our subconscious.

Neurologically the part of our brains that are involved in aesthetic judgement is believed to have an integration of all of our senses, and it is where value judgements and decisions are made. When the human brain sees a brand that is aesthetically pleasing to them they are attracted to it. The opposite is also true, an unaesthetically pleasing brand will repel, and lose the trust of your audience.

What does this mean for you? In short the visual expression must express what your audience wants to see and believe. To ensure we do this we use our brand strategy framework as the foundations onto which to build the visual communications of the brand. Through brand strategy we know what we are trying to create, who we are creating it for, and why it matters to them.

Everything stems from strategy because good visual design is deliberate.

You can view our portfolio here and see how we have helped other SMEs to grow their brand and business.


If you are unsure of what you need, we recommend you book a free discovery call with us to see where you are at right now, and what your goals are. We can then recommend a roadmap for you.

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