Why CUBE Design Exists

In a world where small businesses make up most of our economy, there are ambitious entrepreneurs, and challengers who are making some noise. These are the people I find really interesting. I love their big ideas, and their creativity, but sometimes they get stuck in the business, talking about the products or services, looking at the financials, and wondering why they are not getting the engagement they deserve.

Often the business owner is dealing with all aspects of the business and is obviously so engaged in their product or service, that it is difficult to take that outer view that their audience sees.

When the everyday issues get in the way, I know the power brand can have in how the business is perceived, and that strong brands are trusted more. In a post covid world where buyers are placing a high premium on purpose driven brands, we are here to help your business to find that space to play, attract the attention you deserve, and win.

As the FIRST and ONLY certified Brand Architect in the Republic of Ireland, and one of the first 100 brand architects worldwide, I have been personally trained by the man who taught Steve Jobs everything he knew about brand, Marty Neumeier. Marty began the world’s most visionary brand education programme, Level C, with his partner Andy Starr. As part of this Level C worldwide community of branders,  we collaborate regularly, and continue to keep each inspired.

As a Certified Brand Architect and Designer I want to help ambitious entrepreneurs and challengers like you to achieve an authentic, purposeful and meaningful brand that differentiates you and connects to your ideal audience.




Certified Brand Architect – The FIRST and ONLY Certified Brand Architect in the Republic of Ireland) awarded by the Global Brand Leader of brand design Marty Neumeier and Level C

Professional Member of the Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI)

3 times Business All Star and Fellow (University of Limerick) with the All Ireland Business Foundation 
Winner of the Prestige Business Awards 2021 and 2022 – Brand Specialist of the Year 2022

On a More Personal Note

On a personal level I live locally to my studio in Dún Laoghaire with my adult family and Ollie the crazy lovable Cocker Spaniel. As a keen artist I also paint with many different mediums, including hot and cold wax painting, and was at one point, exhibiting and selling in local galleries. I also like to spend time living and working in France.

Would you like to talk?

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