Why What We Do is Important?

The subconscious mind has the power to influence decisions in less than five seconds, which means that people have already made decisions in their subconscious mind before becoming aware of it, and allowing their conscious mind to put those thoughts and opinions into words.

Our vision is the strongest of our senses, and over 80% of what seen visually is remembered. 93% of purchase decisions are based on your visual image, and colour adds extra information to our brain to help us remember. Its these things that we can use to your advantage to draw attention from your target audience, because once you draw attention, that triggers other events like feelings, and memory, which helps to make decisions. That’s where the power of a good brand or good graphic design succeeds, because you are building trust with your audience, which leads to commitment and loyalty, and eventually to success and growth for your business.

How We Do It?

CUBE Design, along with our trusted and experienced associates,

offer you a holistic approach to building your brand. We are passionate about ensuring the quality of your brand, and that it communicates to your target audience. Some of those trusted professionals are marketing specialists who help us to ensure you get the best from your brand.

We support you through;

• Design and Marketing strategy View Design and Marketing Strategy Workshops
• Logo design and visual brand consultancy View Portfolio
• Branding and identity design View Portfolio
• Leaflets and brochure design in print and digital
• Book and magazine design in print and digital
• Website and digital design
• Newsletter design and management Download a PDF for details 
• Business card and stationery design and print
• Signage design, production and installation
• Social media image creation
• Art direction on photoshoots and for illustrative work
• Exhibition and display design

We have almost three decades of experience in the industry, and really like to get to know our clients business before we begin our design and marketing thinking. Lets begin with your Design Strategy Workshop.