Sparking Transformation Beyond Boundaries

I work directly with business founders and leaders, conducting workshops either online or in person, to transform business and reshape perception and value, realign the brand and business model. I seek to find space to play and win, while aligning teams and building trust internally and externally with customers. I also collaborate with my associates, also Level C certified, and other associates, to bring powerful solutions that are long term and effective.

What if You Could Answer These Questions;

  • Why are you in Business beyond making money?
  • Who are you in business for?
  • Why does it matter to them?

7 Steps to Purposeful Clarity

Step 1 : Framing

We begin by framing and bringing into focus where your business sits amongst your competitors, and where the problems you are experiencing could be solved.

Step 2 : Research and Exploration

After researching the landscape you currently sit in, researching your competitors and audiences, I come back to you to report what I see and we discuss potential scenarios to explore where you should look to build growth.

Step 3: Collaborative Workshops and Playbook

We go through a series of collaborative workshops with you and your team, to gather the information that allows us to design an innovate to create an impactful brand. We can start with problem framing workshops, and work our way through designing every aspect of your brand from employer brand and leadership, to building or rebuilding your culture to your customer experience.

Step 4: Brand Implementation

We discuss how to implement your brand, how will it play out in your communications? How will you measure it’s success? With you, we decide the communications to focus on, and by engaging with my partners in marketing and design, I manage the process for you, making implementation easier and giving you back your time.

Step 5: Naming the Brand

Sometimes a name change is obvious up front, other times it becomes obvious while developing the brand strategy. When this happens, I will take you through my naming process, which involves legal searches to ensure availability and trademarking potential. A name plays a very important part in grabbing attention, and being relevant, therefore adding to the perception of your business. It is important to understand human behaviour and perception when coming up with business names.

Step 6: Visualising the Brand

I visualise your brand by designing your logo, and the styling around it, for example your colours, patterns, typography and imagery. You will also get a brand playbook, showing how to use the visuals and the strategy together. I collaborate with and manage other designers, copywriters, marketeers and PR on your behalf to design and create your communications and campaigns, ensuring they stick to your brand.

Step 7: Brand Coaching

After completing your brand, strategically and visually, I support you by becoming your fractional chief brand officer, where I will regularly assess and monitor the progress of your brand. Not only does that free up your time, but it also helps you to effectively implement and measure the brand development. With regular check in’s, top up workshops if needed, and any tweaking or testing of ideas that are necessary, I also craft surveys that regularly check in with your audience to ensure you are always delivering value and meaning for them. This allows you to make informed brand decisions and respond to changing landscapes according to your brand. By working with my associates I can also brief and manage the creation of supporting services, for example marketing plans, content creation, artworks for digital and print distribution, and design any further touchpoints that activate the brand.

My Associates

As an independent consultant, I offer you unparalleled flexibility and direct access to me. When I commission and collaborate with my trusted associates on your project, I free up your time and take that stress away by managing the entire process. This assures you of impeccable quality, and confidence in the fact that I understand the language and world of design, and have the expertise to know the questions to ask, and how to get the best outcomes. Although I will always keep you informed, I will spare you the minor details, and only bring to you what you need to know, but I would never make a decision without your conscent.

Engaging a Level C Brand Collective

Pictured above are some of my collaborative partners Adele Kelly and Yvonne Lugtenburg with Andy Starr, one of the founders (not as famous as Marty, but just as good) of Level C. Photo: Courtesy of Level C.


Working as a collective, we bring the wisdom and experience of Level C certified brand architects, positioned in Europe, USA and the UK. By collaborating and continually sharing ideas and thinking with each other, we combine corporate and SME experiences with creativity and innovation.

In a world where spreadsheets alone are no longer enough, and empathy holds power, we can help you to align your teams, connect your business to your customers desires, reignite growth and make an impact for the good of your business, your people, and the planet.

Our collaborations work alongside CUBE Design and are as flexible as you need us to be, depending on the scope of the project. The benefit to you is the combined and varied thinking that our collaborations bring, and in particular, with larger groups this ensures there are no biases at play and nothing is missed.