I believe in cultivating strong relationships with my clients and celebrating our shared successes. After completing projects together, I frequently reach out to kindly ask for their feedback and testimonials. I genuinely value their opinions, which they can express through written testimonials or even video endorsements. What makes me proud when reading these testimonials is the consistent theme of witnessing their vision become a tangible reality and observing a significant increase in their revenue. These achievements are a direct result of our focused efforts in enhancing their communication strategies and engaging their target audience.

Lorna Byrne Foundation

The foundation were looking to tie different strands of the business together in a way that made sense to their audiences.

Beta Bajgart

Through brand strategy we worked to bring Beta from photographer, to documentary videographer with a purpose.


A construction client who we helped figure out how to service very different audiences with the same products.

‘…from our experience with CUBE Design I would say, good branding grows businesses…it directs our sales strategy and will continue to going forward…’

Alan Bracken, CEO Echo Media