Over my three and a half decades in the business of graphic design and brand development, I have been lucky to have had experiences that have shaped my thinking, and developed my career. The one that has meant to most to me is to have become the first and only certified brand architect in the Republic of Ireland, Certified by Level C and personally trained by Marty Neumeier, the man who taught Steve Jobs all he knew about brand.

Through Level C I have become part of an international community of branders, who I regularly stay in touch with, and collaborate with. We bounce ideas off each other and hold each other accountable.

You don’t have a brand until your audience tells you you have a brand.

Marty Neumeier

Why it All Began

In a world where small businesses are all around us, making up most of our economy, there are ambitious entrepreneurs and change makers in the marketplace, who are making some noise. These are the people I find really interesting. They are open to innovation and willing to be challenged. I love helping people work through big ideas using the power of creativity and innovative thinking.

When it comes to growing your business, there are certain expansion points where things get stuck, and these founders and leaders find themselves talking about the products or services, rather than the value and meaning to their customers. They are forgetting about their customer’s experience, are often in a situation where customers are questioning them, and the perception of the business is being damaged. This is where I know I can help businesses figure out the problems and work through them to find solutions. It is always more impactful to have an outsiders view and with my creative brain, I can help you get back on the right track to success and growth.


On a Personal Level

Over 35 years ago I graduated as a graphic designer from the visual communications course in what was then the DIT, now TU Dublin. I graduated in the 80’s, and didn’t stay long in Ireland. I was soon on the boat to the UK, where I was employed in a dream job working as the only designer on a communications team for a large charity.

After 10 years in London, I returned home with my first child and soon added to the family. I made the decision to continue working but for myself so that I could be flexible for my family.

Now as CUBE Design reaches two decades, I have been incredibly lucky to be where I am now, as a Level C qualified Brander who lives in Dublin, but who also gets to spend a lot of time in France. I have been published in Branders Magazine, which was a nice surprise to be asked. I have found what I am passionate about, and enjoy every day of work because of that. I also enjoy painting and drawing as a hobby, and encaustic painting (hot wax). At one point I sold my art in a couple of galleries, but it is different and more enjoyable as a hobby.

Accreditations and Accolades

Certified Brand Architect – The FIRST and ONLY Certified Brand Architect in the Republic of Ireland) awarded by Level C and Global Leader of Brand Design, Marty Neumeier. We are only a handful of fully qualified brand architects worldwide. To achieve this qualification I have been personally trained by Marty Neumeier, and worked on international teams of designers to create a Super Bowl advert for Barnes & Noble, and rebrand Dr. Oetker’s Frozen Pizza division.
Fellow of the All Ireland Business Foundation Business All Star for 3 years and Fellow of the AIBF. This accreditation ensures you know we are a customer centric and trustworthy business
Professional Member of the Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI). I have been a member since returning to Ireland and setting up CUBE Design 15 years ago
Winner of the Prestige Business Awards 2021, 2022 and 2023. Prestige is a UK Based Business Awards Company where you win on merit of submission. – Graphic Designer of the Year 2021, Brand Specialist of the Year 2022, and Digital Design Specialist of the Year 2023