Often it is hard to concentrate on your business growth at a strategic level, while you are tied up with the every day workings of your business. Particularly when you have employees and other stakeholders involved.

As an independent consultant, I offer you an outsiders view with unparalleled flexibility and direct access to me. I help you to strategically find where you can play to win, and stand apart from your opposition.

For smaller businesses I work one on one, which can be working on a personal brand, or a small business brand. With larger medium sized businesses I collaborate with my associates and fellow brand architects to bring you a greater and more in depth process that leads to finding your innovative and impactful solutions.

‘The team in Bluewave really enjoyed working with Barbara…[she] challenged us as a business to define who we are and what we want to achieve, both for us and our clients…Barbara captured our thoughts perfectly and informed the visual elements created, allowing us to evolve how we communicate our company values internally and externally.’

Finian Quinn, Bluewave