Where Leadership and Brand Unite

Leading Beyond Tomorrow where Brand and Leadership Unite Sharon Dehmel and Barbara Monahan presenting at Martinsen Meyer 4
Barbara Monahan Brand Architect and Designer presenting – CUBE Design 2

By combining forces with leadership coach, Sharon Dehmel, we are coming together to help you gain profound insights into your unique leadership style, unravel the intricacies of your personal brand, and align your actions with your core values. This will be a transformative experience that will deepen your understanding of how your leadership and brand are intricately interwoven.

By investing in your leadership journey today, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your potential, enhancing team dynamics, and propelling organisational success. We’re committed to helping you achieve your long-term goals, so we encourage you to dream big and join us on this innovative and inspiring journey. Let’s redefine your path to success together!

What if you could answer these questions;

  • What is my leadership style?
  • What are my personal values and brand positioning?
  • How do my behaviours impact my team and work environment?
  • Where am I best suited within the business, or for what position?

This event is LIMITED to 12 attendees

This will be an online course delivered over 2 sessions on Zoom. The first session is a 1 hour overview, and the following session is a 2.5 hour long workshop. We will guide you to complete workbooks provided to you, so all work remains confidential to you. Participation and discussion will be encouraged.

Pricing and Booking Details

Please book the first webinar where payment will be taken. Once the webinar is booked you will be taken to another link to book your workshop. Ideally the workshop should be booked within one week of the webinar booking.

Cost: €1250.00 ex VAT

VAT is charged at 23% which comes to €287.50 and will be added on the Calendly booking link. Payments are taken through Stripe. Refunds available up to 5 working days before the event less administrative fees of €100.00 ex VAT