Name to Influence Perception

Choosing the right name for your business significantly impacts its perception and reflects your brand. It needs to be memorable for positive reasons, as a wrong choice can be detrimental. To mitigate potential risks, I incorporate legal searches into my naming process, reducing your liability.

Why A Good Name Sticks

  • It allows you to be distinct from your opposition
  • The sound of the name can evoke the right feelings for the brand
  • Make it memorable and catchy, and it sticks

How Does This Work

Step 1 : Review Your Brand Strategy

Piece together what your audience wants, what your purpose in business is, and compare the ideas against your values.

Step 2 : Compile a Long List

Good, bad or mad, get them all out there. Go crazy, the more you have the more you have to play with

Step 3: Finalising Strong Contenders

There will be some that really stand out here, so it’s time to get really creative and start testing ideas.

Step 4: Trademark Searches

Working with trademark lawyers is a very important step to ensure you can get the name you want, and trademark it. Searches can be done across territories.

Naming and Trademarking

Allow me to tell you the story of a previous client who wanted to trade in Australia.They had their heart set on a particular name that they had come up with themselves, but after we carried out some legal searches with my trademarking partners, we found out there was a company already trading there that could very easily contest it. It was better to have found this out early before going too far down the brand road.

A successful naming happened when we worked with Akrido Digital Assets, the brand was built around the ideas of taking a leap of faith with wisdom behind you. A grasshopper is a symbol that represents this idea. In looking at the target market and the business idea, we hit on the word Akrido, which is Esperanto (a universal language) for grasshopper. Esperanto like crypto currency is non territorial, but this name also resonated with the target audience. The great thing about making ups a name like this was that it would be possible to trademark it, and we managed to get a 6 letter domain name, which is very hard to do.