Creative Strategy for Businesses

Leading Beyond Tomorrow

Leading Beyond Tomorrow where Brand and Leadership Unite Sharon Dehmel and Barbara Monahan presenting at Martinsen Meyer 3

By combining forces with leadership coach, Sharon Dehmel, we are coming together to help Tech scale ups to understand the power of leadership, the impact of brand on leadership, understanding your personal brand, so you can show up to deliver to the next level and beyond.

Nuggets of Clarity

As a small business you may be seeing gaps in how you connect with your customers. You may be jumping to the short term fixes of content creation, marketing and other activities. You may wonder why your Google Ads, social media, and networking isn’t bringing you the results you want. What if I could help you find your missing connection?

Brand Framing Workshop

Barbara Monahan Brand Architect and Designer presenting – CUBE Design 1

Are you an established business, but struggling to get the right results for your business? Do you feel you are no longer relevant? Are you applying for a B Corp certification but need to see where your gaps are? This online brand framing workshop can help you to get clarity around your branding issues and is an ideal first step.