Creative Strategy for Businesses

collaborative brand strategy workshops online with CUBE Design and Barbara Monahan
CUBE Design Brand Coach

As a small business you may be seeing gaps in how your vision or purpose is working inside the business, which results in gaps of communication with your customers. You may be jumping to the short term fixes of content creation, marketing, PR, and other activities. You may be creating campaigns that work for a week, maybe you’ll get a month out of it. You may wonder why your Google Ads, social media, and networking isn’t bringing you the results you want. What if I could help you find your missing connections?

What if you could answer these questions;

  • How does your business culture effect your leadership and customers?
  • Find ideas to help engagement from your customers?
  • Get ideas to tackle the problems that might be standing in the way?

A One on One Workshop

It will take place online over 2 half day workshops, each 2.5 hours long. Please have notebooks, whiteboards, your preferred thinking tools at the ready.

Pricing and Booking

Please book the first workshop where payment will be taken. Once the first workshop is booked you will be taken to another link to book your second workshop. Ideally the second workshop should be booked within one week of the first booking.

Cost: €1890.00 ex VAT 

VAT is charged at 23% which comes to €434.70 and will be added on the Calendly booking link. Payments are taken through Stripe. Refunds available up to 5 working days before the event less administrative fees of €100.00 ex VAT