When Akrido started working with me, they were called Crypto Saoirse, and were using a third party platform to deliver their knowledge. My job was to pull the fractured pieces together as cohesive brand that connected to the right audience. This involved a renaming, brand strategy and the visual branding.

Where We Brought Value

• Brand and Audience Framing

• Finding Differentiation

• Finding Brand Values

• Finding Authentic Purpose

• Renaming the Business

• Map the Brand to the Business

• Logo Design and Brand Styling

• Activation Through Webdesign

• Brand Messaging

• Managing Activation Partners

The Vision

This business was about educating their clients to make better decisions when investing in crypto currencies. The ideal clients were astute business people with wealth to invest, but crypto was an investment that saw them needing the knowledge and experience of Akrido to guide them.


The Brand Solution

Akrido is Esperanto for Grasshopper, and a Grasshopper symbolises taking a leap of faith with wisdom behind you. And that is what Akrido Digital Assets does, it facilitates you to invest in a currency that is new and modern, but is not fully understood, and may be volatile, but with Akrido’s expertise, knowledge and research, you can reduce your risk and increase your wealth, leading you to a happy retirement. Esperanto is a universally understood, non territorial language. Crypto currencies are also non territorial so this made sense.

This idea permeated every aspect of the brand. To be taken seriously in the marketplace, brand needed to stand out from the visual language that was surrounding crypto currencies at the time. That was not hard, but the brand had to have an element of ‘can I trust this brand’ built into it. It was important that it was ‘financial’ in look and feel, and the logo was a clean serious design. The logo was designed in the shape of a grasshopper, with the back leg being the ‘A’ of Akrido, and the ‘o’ the head.


‘The whole process was really enjoyable and it’s amazing how it all comes together. I could not be happier with the result. It’s a really good process that Barbara has. After the rebrand we saw a big improvement in the revenues coming in, from the right type of customer.’

Sean Kelly, CEO Akrido Digital Assets