When Ozone approached me about rebranding their business, they knew they were jumping to the short–term fixes of google ads, but they knew there was something more they were missing. They were looking at competitors and thinking that maybe they should be investing in adding additional services to the business.

Where We Brought Value

• Brand Framing

• Finding Differentiation

• Finding Brand Values

• Finding True Purpose

• Map the brand to the business

• Brand messaging

• Website Design

• Tweaking Master Files

CUBE Design rebrand of Ozone Commercial Cleaning Company

The Vision

Ozone wanted to hold a stronger position in a competitive, budget conscious sector of commercial cleaning. Instead of adding the additional services they were talking about, I first did a brand audit and spoke to their customers, which revealed plenty of insights to the brand and the business. When the framing of the brand was complete, I dug deeper with a series of workshops which resulted in leaning into what they were really really good at, and also happened to be a differentiator for them. Their purpose is now to consistently deliver premier service experiences with a personal touch.


The Brand Solution

There were aspects of their service delivery that warranted shouting about, and these services are what prompted us to lean into the family business who really cared about their clients and their employees, to deliver with a personal touch. We worked through brand values which looked after their employees, and their customers, helping to build a positive culture in the business.

We helped Ozone to avoid some of the typical pitfalls of a company looking to grow and change focus. They were jumping to short–term fixes, adding more services and costs instead of leaning into their strengths. We helped them to focus on the really good stuff.

The Logo design and styling was done by another designer, and was a really strong design, so it didn’t warrant a change. There was one slight change to the logo which was a switch on colour combinations and the wording underneath to specify they were commercial cleaners. The imagery was changed to be lighter, and whiter, and the dark colours were lifted. These changes were done to influence perception of the business as a cleaner and fresher approach, particularly when our typical customer was feeling pressured in a competitive and stressful environment.

The website needed to be reordered for a better representation of the brand, and awareness of how the customer might think as they go through the website. I also created new content, to again reflect the strategy work, using headings that reflected their purpose, mission, vision and values. The activation of the website will be done by a partner and managed by myself so the client can get on with implementing the brand into their processes.

‘Thanks to Barbara’s expertise, we abandoned plans for additional services, opting instead to amplify our core strengths and newfound purpose…With her guidance, we’ve found renewed confidence…CUBE Design isn’t just a consultancy, they’re architects of our success story.’

Andriy Mykytiv, CEO, Ozone Commercial Cleaning