When ProRes approached me for help, they were unsure of what their problem was, but had heard me talking about brand which resonated with them. They were refocussing part of the business, not only were they changing to more sustainable products, but these products opened up a new market of Architects and Interior Designers. After my questioning, they began to see where I could help them.

Where We Brought Value

• Brand Framing

• Map the brand to the business

• Finding Brand Values

• Audience Design

• Positioning against Competitors

• Logo Design and Brand Styling

• Branded Clothing

• Vehicle Graphics

CUBE Design rebrand of Pro Res Sustainable flooring

The Vision

Pro Res was changing focus to be a sustainable flooring solution. They wanted to offer these products to their existing client base in factory floors and manufacturing. But the addition of a terrazzo floor, could offer them an alternative market of interior designers and architects. The trouble was, both audiences wanted the products, but for very different reasons, and both audiences responded in different ways to messaging and visual presentation. My challenge was to make this work.


The Brand Solution

Together we worked through each target group and what their needs and desires were. Because the company had existed for a number of years, and were known in the Pharma and manufacturing world, it was important to keep a hold of the identity that existed for them, while at the same time bringing in the new market of Architects and Interior Designers. We did this through a sub brand system, where we ‘colour coded’ for each audience group, and created two sets of communication pieces. The green came from what pre existed in the factory and manufacturing audience, but this wasn’t a colour that Architects and Interior designers would respond well to. This is where the blue colour came into play.

Sustainability was also an important aspect of this project. The products the client uses are far more sustainable than the alternatives. This had to be communicated very clearly and with respect to other players in the market. With the Architects we played up the terrazzo and higher quality finishes, and on the factory floor, it was all about the durability and cleanliness.

This business has grown from strength to strength, and the founder was delighted with the clarity and direction that my process brought to his business.


A construction client who we helped figure out how to service very different audiences with the same products.