CUBE Design on Brand Mastering the Art of Purposeful Connection

Do you want to do business through good and strive to make a difference in the world, you deserve to be heard…

CUBE Design on Brand Mastering the Art of Purposeful Connection

To all of the wonderful disruptors and unconventional thinkers that want to do business through good and strive to make a difference in the world, you deserve to be heard, loud and clear. My passion is to help businesses like yours develop a well-thought-out brand strategy that aligns your values with your actions and effectively communicates your true and authentic purpose to your audience. Here are some tips as to how a solid brand strategy can help you truly make a difference:

Clarify Your Purpose

By defining and articulating your purpose, a real purpose, (not a positioning statement, although that is also important), through your vision and direction, and based on your core values, a brand strategy can help align all your actions and communication with your higher purpose. This not only makes it easier for your target audience to understand and connect with your business but also empowers you to make a real, positive impact on the world.

Understand Your Audience

Truly understanding your target audience is essential. A brand strategy involves conducting research to identify their needs, desires, pain points, and preferences, enabling you to tailor your communication to resonate better with them. When you do this research, this allows you to design your ideal customer as a person you can connect with on a deeper level, providing them with solutions that truly matter to them.

Differentiate Yourself

Brand strategy helps businesses identify what sets them apart from their opposition, and find gaps in their offerings. By emphasising your distinctive qualities, you can stand out in a crowded and busy market and make it easier and less costly for you to attract customers who value what you offer.

Consistent Messaging

Brand strategy is a long term activity that should work alongside your business strategy and with your business model. It then feeds into your short term activities that I mentioned above, activities like marketing, content creation and social media activities. With a well-defined brand strategy, all your communications should be consistent in tone, style, and content. This creates a cohesive brand image and avoids confusing your audiences while amplifying your message in the most impactful way possible.

Long-Term Vision

A brand strategy encourages businesses to think beyond short-term solutions and focus on their long-term vision. It helps you see the bigger picture and make decisions that align with your overall purpose, reducing the need for constant firefighting and enabling you to plan for sustainable growth.


Stories are a powerful way to connect with audiences emotionally. When you can create an emotional connection your audience is more likely to remember you because of the emotional connection. Brand strategy helps you craft compelling narratives that showcase your impact and purpose, making it easier for customers to engage with and support your cause.

Employee Alignment and Engagement

A well-defined brand strategy, which includes the culture and leadership of the organisation, helps to align stakeholders, like your employees and partners, with your purpose. This empowers them, instills a sense of purpose, and motivates them to be enthusiastic about their work, naturally becoming advocates for the business and contributing to the business’s success.

Social Impact Amplification

If you are passionate about making a difference, a brand strategy can help amplify your social impact efforts by communicating your social initiatives more effectively. This then inspires more people to join your cause and support your products or services.


Customer Loyalty and Advocacy

When your brand purpose aligns with the values of your target audience, they become your loyal supporters and advocates. Satisfied customers who believe in your purpose are more likely to become brand ambassadors, spreading the word to others. Recent studies have shown that purpose is far more important to buyers now, in that they will engage more readily when it aligns with their own value system. But, those same buyers are not seeing purposes that matter in businesses today.

Measuring Success

A brand strategy helps businesses set clear objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of their communication efforts. This data-driven approach allows for constant adjustment and ensures that you always reach your goals the smartest way possible.


In conclusion, a well-crafted brand strategy is your ally in standing out, connecting with your audience on a deeper level, and making a real, positive impact on the world. I believe that businesses like yours deserve a roadmap for sustainable growth that fosters a sense of purpose and direction within the organisation. So, go out there and make a difference – I’m here to help you every step of the way.

What are your next steps?

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